Trek Soho Coffee Mug

Available here or your local trek dealer, $15 bucks.

Stainless exterior, plastic interior, 18 oz, designed to fit in a bottle cage, sliding top, can be easily operated on the bike, unless you glue it shut with sugary dried coffee.

It is BIG, 18 oz is alot of coffee, it is tall, 9", so it may be a tight fit in smaller bikes.

Easy one hand slide mechanism. Works well on the road.


  • Big
  • Fits exactly in a waterbottle cage, very solid
  • Rubber ring at top to stop rattling while riding
  • Easy to use while riding.


  • 18 oz is a crapload of coffee.
  • Interior of mug is plastic not vacuum sealed stainless
  • Plastic interior is a narrow cylinder at bottom (just smaller than the thinnest point of the OD), wide cone at top, making mug top heavy when full.
  • SS lip is a bit wide to keep from dribbling a bit.
  • SS lip fell off the first time through the wash, but is easy to glue back on.
  • Trek Soho band is dumb, replaced with Livestrong band:

    The bottom line is that this is the ONLY bike specific coffee mug on the block. Really. Other things work, but they are a bit of a cludge. I would love for this to be a bit smaller and less top heavy, and stainless inside, but overall it does what it is supposed to. Coffee is still pretty warm 30 minutes after leaving the coffee shop when it is 40 degrees out. You can sip coffee while you ride.
    The big top minimizes slopage and spillage, but if you have a sweet concoction, the lid can get glued on a bit. The mug looses a fair bit of heat at the water bottle indent, but overall it is pretty good.

    My stainless vacuum Alladin mug that I used before is here:
    It is smaller, holds less liquid, keeps it hotter and sloshes much more than the Trek Soho Mug. It is also completely unavailable, as near as I can tell Alladin sold to a foreign concern shortly after making this mug and no longer is in the stainless mug business. Mtb legend Steve Tilford had one. I saw him at breakfast with it at cross nationals in 2001 in baltimore. He had no idea that the mug fit in a bottle cage perfectly. Sheesh. Those pro's, what do they know...

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    Words images copyright Tarik Saleh, 2006. tsaleh at rocketmail dot com.