the crack that damn near dropped my bottom bracket into the road.

My nice track bike commuter, beakham succumbed to a nice big crack a month or so back.

here are the pics:
non driveside
to drive side
to creeping under the down tube
to looking under the downtube

Yes it makes a valiant effort to meet itself and drop the cranks into the road, but does not quite have it. near as I can tell, this all happened between 7/04 and 2/05. There was no noticable crack when I cleaned and packed it when leaving knoxville in july last year. Yes it was painfully obvious the last day, and it was sort of noticable the week before, but a healthy layer of NM dust and grease and ice and crud was doing a great job of making the BB look like a dirty snowball. I did not think too much of it. Meet Bones, the replacement feller.

words and pics copyright 2005 Tarik Saleh
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